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Advaitin Mailing list is an electronic Spiritual Forum to exchange viewpoints focusing on Shankara Bhagavtpaadaa's  Advaita Philosophy. Advaita is based on the ancient Vedic Scriptures, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Brahmasutras. According to Shankara, Brahman,  the infinite consciousness, is the sole reality. Shankara establishes the essential identity between Atman and Brahman. Advaita Vedanta holds  that all that exists is only Brahman.

The plurality of living and nonliving beings of the entire universe is indeed nothing but Brahman. The ignorance and misapprehension of this astonishingly simple truth  leads to samsaara. The Atman of the individual jeeva is not different  from Brahman, and realization of this Truth is Moksha. A number of  institutions  have drawn inspiration from Advaita philosophy which include Shankara Matha-s, Ramanaashram, Ramakrishna Mission, Sivananda Ashram, etc.  The Internet contains an ocean of literature on Vedanta Philosophy and the list welcomes discussions that  can bring new insights. The list encourages a wide range of discussion topics focusing on Shankara, pre-Shankara and post-Shankara Advaita Philosophy.  

Discussions can go beyond Indian culture and philosophy and the discussants are welcome to post their personal experiences. The moderators will not hesitate to exercise their right to curtail discussions when they consider the discussion is drifting away from  the primary focus.   This list is truly dedicated to Vedavyasa, Shankara, and the lineage of aachaaryaas extending to the present day. Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and other sages and saints of East and West who have dedicated their life-time on nondual philosophy. Discussions of insights by  sages and saints are welcome.  The list intends to facilitate meaningful discussions in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere with  several key goals:     

To understand the nature of who we are.  

To motivate  and help the beginners in philosophy to understand the message of Scriptures. 

To help members to develop an attitude that every human being is good in his/her own way.   

Guidelines related to members and postings:

1. Though the primary emphasis focuses on Advaita Vedanta of  Shankaracharya, members have freedom to explore broader aspects of non-dual philosophies, activities and news related to Institutions that support Vedanta. 

2. The list facilitates courteous exchange of viewpoints from members with different background. Members can exchange their views on Yogas  (Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and also Raja and Kundalini), book reviews, and quotations on Spirituality. 

3. The list moderators request members not to use this list to sell commercial products but are encouraged to use this forum to exchange information on books, tapes, lectures, cultural programs and URL addresses on advaita topics.  

4. The list moderators request new members to send a short paragraph of self introduction. Such introduction can greatly help the list members to get better acquaintance with each other.

5. At present members can post only messages in text format (ASCII) and mails with attachments will be deleted by mailing list provider. Please understand this arrangement will also guarantee protection from computer virus infection!   

6. The list expects discussants to engage in friendly discussions focusing on the subject matter.

 The moderators request members to avoid personal attacks and remarks demeaning religions, religious leaders, individuals or groups.

Members who violate will be subject  to moderation and repeated violations will force the moderators to ban the violator from posting to the list.  

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Exchange of Scholarly Articles Between Advaitin and Advaita-L

The primary focus of  Advaitin and Advaita-L

(Website: <>) is Shankara's Advaita Philosophy and  both lists have agreed to exchange scholarly articles  between them.  This will be facilitated as follows:

1 Scholarly articles posted in Advaitin can be forwarded to Advaita and vice versa without prior permission from the author.

2 All such forwarded articles should be posted without any editing unless it is done by the author.

3 Forwarded articles should get full credit to the author appropriately (by retaining article header and/or by Website address)

4 Both lists encourage knowledgeable authors to post their scholarly articles in both the lists by subscribing to both the lists. Members who want to join and contribute articles to Advaita-L are encouraged to read its list policies and scope by visiting the above mentioned homepage.

 More Helpful Guidelines:

 As a member of this list, you get the privilege to post your viewpoint and the list expects you to observe civility and cordiality.

 Sending your reply: Please take some time to edit and compress while sending a reply to a post. You are obligated to remove unnecessary portions before clicking the 'send' option. Your reply post should not contain the entire article of the previous post.

 The List mailing address, <> is only for postings articles or replies and not for any personal agenda or propoganda materials.

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Example Topics:

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 Members who want to help in updating the bookmarks and files folders are always welcome.  If each of us take a little time to help the moderators by providing inputs, this will help all the members to save lots of time.  Also it is our Dharma to do whatever little help that we can afford to do to the universal community.  According to advaita knowledge is one of the essential component of Jiva and through knowledge, we can make the universe to be a better place

to live for all of us.

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