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Advaita enquiry and educating disciplines 

aumIn what we take for knowledge, how far do we know truly? And how far is our so-called 'knowing' mistaken? How far is it a confusing pretence, where knowledge is mixed up with mistakes that we have made, through errors of perception and belief? These are questions that we sometimes ask, a little bit, so as to be a little clearer in our seeing and our thinking.

These questions are asked in an enquiry that's called 'advaita' or 'non-dual'. But, in this enquiry, the questions are not asked just 'a little bit'. They are meant to be asked so thoroughly that nothing else but truth remains. The aim is to find a truth which is completely uncompromised, by any mixture with untruth or falsity.

Advaita questioning thus starts in duality, by carefully distinguishing between what seem to be two different things. But the investigation is not meant to maintain some compromised mixture of opposites. Instead, it's meant to be pursued so thoroughly that it reflects within itself, back down towards an unmixed truth where no opposition or duality remains.

In the modern world, this kind of questioning has now become more open. The questions are now asked more directly, in ordinary language that is closer to our everyday lives. There's less appeal to the traditional authority of old religions. And there is more questioning of ordinary words and ideas that we use today, as we apply them to our common experience.

This is the approach of some writings that are presented below, about advaita questioning and its relationship to educating disciplines that we have currently inherited.

The writings may all be downloaded for viewing and nearly all for printing. (It should be noted that their content often overlaps.)

The files are mostly in 'pdf' format, which will require the Adobe Acrobat reader. In order to download, please click on the title. (For downloading in Windows, best to right click and then select 'Save Target As...'.)

Shri Atmananda

Shri Atmananda was a modern advaita philosopher who lived in Kerala State, India, 1983-1959. The writings in this website are inspired by his teachings. The following collection of notes on his discourses was published by a disciple, Shri Nitya Tripta:
        Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda
- with hyperlinks added to index and statements (518 pages, 2534 k)

Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda - alternative version,
with a selection of notes arranged by subject
(291 pages, 1212 k)

An e-mail discussion of Shri Atmananda's approach is reported in the following document:
Some teachings from Shri Atmananda (64 pages, 253 k)

Some further information on Shri Atmananda may be found at:

The Upanishads

From the Upanishads (279 pages, 537 k)
Interpreting the Upanishads (219 pages, 475 k)
Above two books published in paperback version by:
Zen Publications: http://www.zenpublications.com

The Upanishads - Asking for simplicity (15 pages, 73 k)
        See  page "Upanishads - mahavakyas", on this website

The Upanishads - An introduction (20 pages, 78 k)
Nature and consciousness - Gargi questions Yajnyavalkya (26 pages, 105 k)
Om - from the Mandukya Upanishad (11 pages, 67 k)

Tradition and its modernization

Ways to Truth - A View of Hindu tradition (183 pages, 754 k, print disabled).
        Book published in paperback and hard-bound versions by
        D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.: http://www.dkprintworld.com

Knowledge before printing and after - a view of the Advaita tradition (16 pages, 157 k)
See  page "Advaita tradition", on this website

 New science, old tradition (19 pages, 99 k)

Knowledge before printing and after -
The Indian tradition in changing Kerala (138 pages, 565 k)


Learning and language - Some classical ideas (13 pages, 110 k)
        See  page "Learning & language", on this website

Language and science - Bhartrihari's questioning (9 pages, 69 k)
Bhartrihari's Vakyapadiya - some excerpts (37 pages, 211 k)
Old ideas of language (42 pages, 175 k)
Levels of language - from an old philosophy (18 pages, 112 k)

Old and new sciences

Objective science and impersonal knowing (7 pages, 53 k)
        See  page "Science and knowing", on this website

Scientific questioning (2 pages, 49 k)

New physics and old sciences (9 pages, 71 k)
See  page "New physics, old sciences", on this website
        See also "Slideshow" (8 Acrobat pdf slides, 128 k)

Physics and psychology (8 pages, 78 k)
        See  page "Physics & psychology", on this website

Scientific Disciplines (25 pages, 141 k)
        See  page "Scientific disciplines", on this website

Old sciences in India - An introduction (83 pages, 469 k)
Old sciences in India - summarizing questions, figures and diagrams (20 pages, 251 k)

Space, time and cause (8 pages, 67 k)
Environment and old sciences (10 pages, 77 k)
Educating sciences of life and mind (14 pages, 81 k)
Some old ideas of life and mind (23 pages, 114 k)
Nature and life - Old ideas, new questioning (22 pages, 180 k)
Elements of personality and world - some diagrams (3 pages, 69 k)
New science, old questions (127 pages, 442 k)
'Reality' in modern physics (23 pages, 88 k)

Advaita philosophy

Three states and one reality - from the Mandukya Upanishad (8 pages, 58 k)
        See  page "3 states & one reality", on this website

Living nature (8 pages, 61 k)
        See  page "Living nature", on this website

Where thought turns back . . .  A skeptical approach to truth (15 pages, 119 k)
        See  page "Where thought turns back", on this website

Ashtavakra-samhita (110 pages, 378 k)
Objective pictures and impersonal knowledge (26 pages, 98 k)
Old ideas of mind (16 pages, 86 k)
Doing and knowing (6 pages, 59 k)
The practice of reflective questioning - an advaita approach (4 pages, 101 k)
Questions of knowledge (15 pages,  61 k)
Nothing but truth - An interpretation of Jnyaneshvara's Cangadeva Pasashti (16 pages, 50 k)
Sat-cit-ananda - some diagrams (6 pages, 60 k)

Short articles and verse

Questioning back in - some articles (72 pages, 236 k)
Assorted verse (256 pages, 565 k)



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