Golden Rules

 List Policies and Helpful Suggestions


1. The purpose of the Advaitin list is to facilitate discussions on Advaita as established by Shankara
     and carried on by succeeding traditions of living teachers, with principal reference to the 
    Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and the Brahmasutras.
2. Questions or observations on any aspect of this, or on closely related topics, are allowed.
3. Members should preferably post no more than twice per day.
4. Posts shall not consist entirely of quoted material, even from canonical advaitin texts.  
    Please write enough in your own words to tie the quote in with the topic you are addressing. 
5. Posting is a privilege and posts must always be polite and respectful.
6. Derogatory remarks of any kind are not allowed.  This will assist in maintaining the 
    friendly atmosphere of the group.
7. Moderators may be constrained to intervene if these guidelines are not followed.
8. See the Advaitin List Home Page at for links to FAQs, etc., 
    and to other recommended sites.
9. Members are welcome to provide feedback and/or questions on list policies by emailing 
    to "".